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Amputation Injuries and Accidents

Although it does not occupy a prominent position in public debate, amputation is more of a fundamental issue in public health than some would expect. Medical research estimates claim that over 1.7 million Americans have experienced an amputated limb, with over 100,000 amputations occurring annually across the country. These figures show how the American amputee community is a significant portion of the population and that the issue has a very serious influence on modern medicine.

Though there are many different causes of amputation, some of the specific hardships of this condition are consistent. For those who are dealing with any kind of amputation injury, the top-rated personal injury lawyers at Balamuth Law can help provide the legal assistance necessary to get compensation for victims of an accident or event involving amputation of a limb.

Catastrophic Accidents and Limb Loss are Serious

Like other kinds of personal injury, amputations can happen in many different situations. In fact, while some amputations involve medical conditions-including vascular conditions and diabetes-other amputations are event based which means that an accident results in severe injury. There is a large difference between handling medical amputation cases and cases of severe injury amputation or sudden amputation. Some sudden amputation accidents involve defective machinery or workplace negligence. Others involve other kinds of negligence for public spaces. Legal professionals who investigate an amputation injury case look at all of the factors that contributed to a situation involving the sudden amputation of a limb.

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Amputation injury legal teams understand the particular challenges and difficulties that accompany a sudden amputation. In representing victims in these tragic cases, legal teams that present evidence on these injury cases see firsthand how the loss of a limb can affect an individual's lifestyle and outlook on the future. Along with medical bills, lost wages and financial difficulties, these emotional challenges are part of what makes a sudden amputation case important for individuals and families involved in these sad scenarios. The Moraga personal injury attorneys at Balamuth Law will work diligently to help obtain the money that victims deserve when they have lost a limb as the result of unsafe environmental factors and negligence.

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