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You’ve Winterized, Now “Summerize”

By Kelly Balamuth on March 1, 2018

As you stroll through your local drugstore to pick up some shampoo or shoe polish, you may be somewhat surprised that sandals, beach towels, ice chests, and pool toys are abundant in the seasonal section. Yes, that’s right. Even though you’re still wearing sweaters and thick socks, this display serves as a not-so-subtle reminder that spring and summer are right around the corner.

And even though you may feel like you just winterized your vehicle a couple of weeks ago, the reality is that longer days and warmer temperatures are upon us, and it’s important that you properly prepare your car or truck.

Here a few tips for getting your automobile ready.

Check the Tires

As the temperatures change, so does your tire pressure. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the pressure changes about one pound per square inch for every 10-degree change in the outside temperature. Your owner’s manual will tell you the recommended pressure for your tires, and it’s important to never exceed that. It’s also good to remember to rotate your tires after each oil change. Which leads us to…

Change the Oil and Oil Filter

Most people who change their own oil know what oil is best for their vehicles. But for those of us who take our auto to a mechanic for service, the most important thing to remember is to do it regularly. Try to take your vehicle in once the warm spring weather sets in and be sure to mention to your mechanic that you’re getting your car ready for the summer. He or she will know the best grade of oil specific to your vehicle.

Remove Road Salt

During the winter months, it’s common for you vehicle to gather a layer of road salt on the undercarriage. Once the warmer weather kicks in, you should take the hose from the front yard, or, even better, take a trip to a self-serve car wash and crank the pressure up on the water hose. Spray off as much soot and gunk as you can. You can also place a lawn sprinkler under your car to get rid of the muck that you can’t reach.

Of course, not all drivers are meticulous about prepping their vehicles when the weather changes. This can be hazardous to them and others on the road. Accidents can occur as a result of poorly maintained cars and trucks. If you or someone you love has been the victim of another driver’s negligence, you may have a right to compensation for any damages. Call the legal team at Balamuth Law at (925) 254-1234 for a free consultation.


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