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HP Fax Machines Recalled Due to Fire Hazard

By Kelly Balamuth on February 22, 2012

Hewlett-Packard (HP), makers of fax machines, computers, and other office equipment, recently announced a recall of their HP fax 1040 and 1050 fax machines. The machines can overheat during use, causing burn injuries or other accidents. So far, the company says it has received seven reports of fires or burns caused by the overheating fax machines. One fire resulted in severe property damage, and one caused burns to a user’s fingers.

The fax machines were sold in the U.S. and Canada from 2004 to 2011 and are dark grey with the model number 1040 or 1050 on the front of the machine. Some of the machines were given out to replace model 1010, which was recalled in 2008.

If you have one of these machines, HP recommends that you stop using it, unplug it, and call the company for a replacement. HP is taking questions and replacement requests toll-free at (888) 654-9296. Full reimbursement or replacement is available for the 1040 and 1050 fax machines, and partial reimbursement is available for any all-in-one printer-fax machines that pose a similar risk, although HP has not yet posted specific model numbers for all-in-one machines.

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