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How to Prevent Halloween Accidents

By Kelly Balamuth on October 31, 2011

Halloween can be a scary time, not just because of all the frightening movies and outrageous costumes, but also because of vulnerability to hazardous accidents and personal injury. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) attributes many of the dangerous incidents to negligence involving fires, the visibility of trick or treaters, and ill-fitting costumes. However, the agency claims that most of the annual Halloween accidents that result in injury can be prevented with awareness and safe practices. The CPSC highlighted a number of common causes of incidents and offered a checklist for avoiding danger.

Topping the list were fires, as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates the holiday is one of the most active day for accidental residential fires each year. To minimize the possibility of danger, the CPSC strongly urges all families to use battery-powered illuminated devices instead of anything with an open flame. The group also urges parents and individuals to select costumes that are certified flame resistant, and to be especially cautious when constructing homemade ones.

If anything with an open flame is used, always keep it away from decorative items, drapes, or anything else that can catch fire. Also, make sure that there are no such items that may be accidentally kicked over on doorsteps, or brushed into by visitors, that can catch fire. Be sure any lights you hang are safe; inspect each set for busted bulbs, torn wires, or shoddy connections that may ignite. If you or a family member has been injured in an accident that you think was the result of another party’s negligence, contact the personal injury lawyers in Oakland with Balamuth Harrington at (888) 254-1234 for a free review of your case.

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