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Winter Weather May Increase Risks of Slip and Fall Accidents in Northern California

By Kelly Balamuth on December 6, 2012

Residents across California have undoubtedly noticed the cooler temperatures and chill in the evening air, which means colder temperatures and warmer clothing will be here to stay until the summer season arrives next year. While winter weather is beautiful and can have a number of perks, such as enjoying skiing or snowboarding, it can also present unique hazards and produce significant opportunities for a weather-related accident.

Slip and fall accidents are unfortunately common during the winter season as slippery surfaces and low visibility can be a dangerous combination, which is why it is essential property owners take the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of passersby. If in an area where snow has fallen, snow should be cleaned off all walkways as soon as conditions allow and sand or salt should be applied to keep walkways clear of ice.

A slip and fall accident can result in very serious injuries, such as fractures or head and neck trauma, and a property owner can be liable for any injuries if his or her negligence was the cause of the incident.

In addition to property owners ensuring their grounds are safe for the public, people should also be extra cautious during wintery weather days. Care and attention can go a long way in preventing a slip and fall accident, so individuals should wear proper footwear that provides traction on snow and ice. Also, walking slowly and keeping hands free for balance as well as using handrails can help prevent an accident.

Slippery surfaces should also be avoided as much as possible, and individuals should be careful in parking lots, particularly after rain or snowfall or in the evening.

A slip and fall accident can leave a person with more than just a bruised ego, as very serious injuries, a compromised quality of life, and costly medical expenses can result in a difficult recovery. The slip and fall accident lawyers at Balamuth Law understand the serious challenges you may face after a slip and fall and can help you obtain the compensation you need to heal. To see how can help you recover, please call (888) 254-1234.

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