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OSHA Construction Worker Safety Tips

By Kelly Balamuth on December 20, 2010

At any given time, approximately 6.5 million people are working at approximately 252,000 construction sites across the United States, according to the Occupational & Safety Health Administration (OSHA). Unfortunately, the fatality rate for the construction industry is higher than for any other industry.

OSHA offers some valuable tips for construction workers about staying safe while on the job to prevent construction accidents from occurring. First, always wear the right personal protective equipment for the job, which can include protection for the face and eyes, feet, hands, and head. Make sure the equipment is maintained in good condition and that it fits properly.

Be careful when using scaffolding. Approximately 4,500 workers are injured, and 50 are killed, each year from accidents that involve scaffolding. Make sure the scaffolding is properly maintained and set on sound footing. The scaffolding should not be altered. It should not be used in bad weather or if covered with snow, ice, or any other slippery material. A scaffold should hold only the weight it was designed to support.

Electrical accidents are also a frequent source of injuries for construction workers. Make sure that damaged electrical cords are replaced quickly. Don’t put ladders or other equipment or materials within 10 feet of power lines. Maintain all electrical tools and equipment in safe condition and check regularly for defects.

Also, beware of elevated surfaces. Put guardrails around any surface that has been elevated more than 48 inches above the ground. Post signs showing the load capacity of the elevated surface. All elevated surfaces need to have four inch toe boards.

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