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Runaway Truck Crashes, Injures 3 on I-5 Near Lebec

By Kelly Balamuth on July 7, 2010

Vehicle upkeep, particularly on large trucks, is an absolute necessity. Motorists traveling from Los Angeles to Northern California experienced this first hand, according to a swrnn.com article. Reportedly, a large truck with inoperable brakes traveled down the Grapevine at very high speeds, eventually crashing, injuring at least three people, and blocking all lanes of traffic on the Northbound Golden State Freeway near Lebec.

The truck, which was traveling at speeds greater than 85 miles per hour, was being assisted by a California Highway Patrol office prior to the accident. According to the CHP, the officer was attempting to clear a path for the runaway truck prior to the truck colliding with the officer’s vehicle which sparked a chain reaction crash that involved a third motorist. The truck driver, CHP officer, and third party motorist were all injured during the Los Angeles County-Kern County border large truck accident. Reportedly, the truck spilled diesel fuel during the crash, and caught on fire after overturning.

The sheer size and power of large tractor/trailers is enough to cause a great amount of destruction during even the smallest of California traffic accidents. This story illustrates how truly important it is that trucking companies and truck drivers regularly inspect their vehicles to ensure that all parts are in good working order prior to entering the road. In the event that a motorist is injured due to the improper upkeep of a large truck, that motorist may be able to hold the trucking company liable for negligence and seek compensation for damages resulting from the crash.

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