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AAA: Parents Must Teach Teens Safe Driving

By Kelly Balamuth on October 24, 2011

Teenagers are among the most susceptible to car accidents. In fact, they have the highest accident rate of any driving demographic. But with proper experience, that risk can dwindle relatively quickly and make teens much safer drivers, according to new research released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The data shows that teenagers are approximately 50 percent more likely to cause a car accident in their first month on the road than they are in the entire following year of experience. The study also shows that progress is exponential, as new teenage drivers are two times more likely to crash than those who have been on the road for two full years.

The AAA data showed that speed, distracted driving, and problems yielding were behind 57 percent of all accidents for which teenagers were found at fault during the first month of driving legally. For that reason, AAA Northern California is urging parents to continue safe driving education efforts even after their teenagers obtain. The following advice is offered for families with new drivers on the road.

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  • Parents should continue to ride with new drivers and coach them on safe techniques after a license has been obtained. Specific practice should be done under parental supervision to avoid a weather-related car accident in in-climate conditions like rain and snow, as well as in challenging situations like dense traffic or winding rural roads.
  • Passengers should be limited to mature family members in the initial driving period. Studies show that teenage drivers are more likely to crash when other teenagers are in the car. Limits should also be set for nighttime driving, which is another common time when accidents occur.
  • Rules should be set and enforced by parents. A written agreement is a good way to document this.

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