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Study Finds Concussion May Cause Long-Term Recurring Headaches in Children

By Kelly Balamuth on December 27, 2011

Northern California Child Head InjuryA recent study published in Pediatrics found that children who suffer concussions or other traumatic brain injuries may have recurring headaches for up to a year after the injury occurs. These headaches can be severe and, for some children, they may be permanent.

The study followed over 400 children who were seen in hospital emergency rooms for a head injury. Three months after their initial hospital visit, over half the children still had recurring headaches, which often caused trouble sleeping and difficulty concentrating. After six months, more than 25 percent of the patients still suffered headaches. Headaches seemed to be more severe and to last longer if the injury was more severe.

Physicians involved in the study noted that, although research is constantly providing new information on the causes and long-term effects of traumatic brain injuries, very little research has been done on effective treatment for concussion-related headaches. Getting enough rest and staying properly hydrated helped some, but not all, patients respond to these measures. Often, children who suffer traumatic brain injuries must simply wait for headaches to subside on their own – even if the pain is severe.

Approximately 500,000 children are treated for traumatic brain injuries each year. Many of these happen while the child is playing sports, but they can happen anywhere.

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