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Thousands of Miles of Natural Gas Piping, Like that in San Bruno, Run Underneath CA

By Kelly Balamuth on September 29, 2010

In response to the recent explosion tragedy in San Bruno, the Los Angeles Times has written an informative article regarding the thousands of miles worth of piping that runs throughout the state of California. Reportedly, the potential for a disaster like the one that took the lives of at least seven people in San Bruno is relatively high, especially because multiple fault lines run throughout the state and earthquakes can quickly spark these explosions. Numerous precautions are taken to ensure that these pipes don’t fail, but disrepair remains.

Steel piping which is high-pressure tested and often as wide as truck tires is used throughout the state as the highways for natural gas transport. The gas that runs along these highways can be as dense as 1,400 pounds per square inch. According to the article, these pipelines are sometimes laid a mere three feet below the ground in some locations, particularly in dense urban areas. Cracks in the piping can seriously jeopardize the structure’s integrity, and can quickly lead to accidents such as the San Bruno explosion. To make matters worse, certain companies, such as Pacific Gas & Electric, the company responsible for maintaining the San Bruno piping, currently have spotty safety records and have been deemed responsible for explosion accidents in the past, albeit none as deadly as the recent San Bruno incident.

Questions are now arising as to whether or not safety standards are stringent enough to ensure the safety of all Californians. Accidents should never occur due to the negligence of the company responsible for the gas lines. In the event that a company is deemed to have been negligent, San Mateo county personal injury accident victims may be able to hold that company accountable for its actions and seek compensatory damages for injuries sustained due to the accident.

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