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Construction Falls and Assessing Safety Risks

All across the state of California and the rest of the country, construction site falls are a large portion of industrial accident statistics. National agencies estimate that up to one third of construction accidents involve falls on a construction site. From the most complex construction jobs involving heavy equipment and scaffolding, to basic construction sites with framed work areas, a falling hazard can be present. It's important for those in charge of a construction site to always evaluate each part of the work area for falling dangers, and provide the proper barriers and safety equipment to minimize this kind of risk. At Balamuth Law, we have many years of experience regarding construction accidents and working with persons injured because of improper workplace setups or monitoring.

Causes of Construction Site Falls

At Balamuth Law, our experienced Moraga attorneys see some common types of construction site falls where the lack of safety protocols constitutes a substantial risk, including:

  • Scaffolding falls
  • Falls involving improper use of a crane or large earth mover
  • Falls involving insufficient load-bearing wood frames or bridges
  • Holes in a ramp or walkway
  • Insufficiently shielded elevator shafts or multi-story apertures

Combating the above types of workplace dangers requires a combination of good safety equipment and good oversight of work practices. All workers involved in these dangerous environments need the appropriate training to be able to predict the vector paths of equipment and successfully navigate the site. All scaffolding and access structures need to be assessed for stability and the potential for defects. We have seen how neglecting any of these aspects of a construction site can have disastrous consequences.

Injured in a Fall? Call Balamuth Law Today

At Balamuth Law, we're here to help. If someone in your family has been involved in a fall at a construction site, we can help you assess the case and determine your legal options. We demonstrate in clear terms how safety factors may have led to the accident, and our Bay Area personal injury lawyers always keep the best interests of the client in mind while evaluating the complex factors that cause accidents. If you have questions about your legal options in a construction site fall, call Balamuth Law, today for a free consultation.

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