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construction machine with a mound of dirt Most people don't think of digging ditches or building a trench as dangerous work. After all, it's just a hole. How dangerous could it be? Unfortunately, for the many workers severely injured or who lose their lives each year, the answer is painfully clear. Excavation can be extremely dangerous work, with very little standing between a construction worker or laborer and hundreds of tons of soil. If an accident does occur, it is quite often catastrophic, burying individuals in seconds, leaving them with life-altering injuries if not taking their lives outright. Some of the more common injuries that are associated with trench collapses include:

If you, or a loved one, have recently been injured in a trench accident, then the time to seek legal counsel is now. Under your employers insurance, you are entitled to worker's compensation, which can help manage your expenses and potential loss of income. If you were injured due to a collapsing trench and you were not part of the job site, you may be able to collect significant damages through a civil suit against the at-fault crew. In either instance, you will need an experienced Moraga personal injury attorney who understands such cases and is able to effectively represent you interests.

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How Could This Happen?

That is a question many injured workers and surviving family members ask themselves after a trench collapse. Considering the level of safety and inspection that must be conducted before excavation begins, you would think that trench accidents would be relatively rare. Unfortunately, many contractors, construction crews and third party removal teams, in a rush to complete the job and save money, fail to adhere to the many regulations governing trench work. For decades, various agencies have provided some of the following basic tenants, only to have them broken by reckless site mangers:

  • The trench must be shored or shielded properly to prevent a collapse
  • All trench workers must wear protective clothing while at work
  • Heavy equipment must be kept at a safe distance from trenches
  • Hazardous fumes must be tested for, before digging can begin

Should I Contact an Attorney?

In most trench and excavation accidents, the company in charge of the dig site is insured. The employees at the site will be able to collect worker's compensation, which can help with medical bills, lost wages and potential funds for surviving family members. Unfortunately, worker's compensation claims have become increasingly hard to secure, to the point that many families give up out of frustration. Don't let that happen to you.

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