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Mass Transit Accident Lawyer in Walnut Creek

Public transportation companies are subject to strict regulation to help ensure their passengers arrive at their destinations safely. When these companies fail to comply with safety regulations or their drivers and operators act negligently, serious accidents can result. Given the number of people in Northern California using public transportation daily, the outcome of mass transit accidents can be disastrous.

Types of Mass Transit Accidents

At Balamuth Law, we represent people injured in a wide range of mass transit accidents, including:

  • San Francisco Muni, including buses, light rail Metro trains, streetcars, and cable cars
  • BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)
  • SamTrans (San Mateo Transit) buses
  • City buses
  • VTA (Valley Transportation Authority) light rail and buses
  • Golden Gate Transit

What Injuries Do Victims Suffer?

Injuries suffered in these accidents can range from minor to catastrophic to fatal:

Causes of Mass Transit Accidents

Mass transit accidents are not as common as car accidents, but when they happen, many people can be seriously injured or killed. Bus, train, and streetcar accidents can happen for several reasons, including:

  • Driver negligence: This may involve distracted driving, fatigued driving, speeding, drug or alcohol impairment, failure to obey traffic signals, or driver inexperience.
  • Lack of employee training and supervision
  • Incorrect dispatching
  • Negligent vehicle maintenance
  • Defective or faulty vehicles or parts
  • Inadequate security, lighting, or safety measures
  • Poorly designed or maintained rails or roads

Causes of Train Accidents in California

California rail accidents can happen in several different ways, including:

  • Train derailment
  • Braking failure, leading to head-on collisions and smash-ups with other trains
  • Pedestrians hit or killed at or near boarding and exit stations
  • Spills of hazardous materials, causing toxic exposure, fires, or explosions
  • Collisions with cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles at or near rail crossings

Commuter trains, Amtrak, and other rail lines are considered common carriers and owe their passengers a high degree of care. Railroads are subject to safety regulations under the Federal Railroad Administration, and violations of these regulations will make a company liability when they result in injury to others.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Mass Transit Accident Claims?

For most personal injury claims in California, the statute of limitations (time limit imposed by law) is two years. For public transportation accident claims, however, the statute of limitations is six months. Because of this much shorter window of time, it is crucial to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible if you have been injured in a mass transit accident.

Why You Need a Lawyer After a Mass Transit Accident

There are special legal considerations when filing a claim against a government entity in charge of public transportation services. An injured person seeking compensation must first file a notice of claim with the entity itself, before filing a lawsuit in civil court. The time allowed for filing a notice of claim for injuries sustained in a bus or train accident is short. Generally, the claims process for train and bus accidents is more complex than the process for private car accidents.

At Balamuth Law, we understand the challenges you are facing. We believe negligent parties should be held accountable for the harm they cause, and we have the knowledge, skills, and resources to take the burden off your shoulders. Call our Moraga personal injury attorneys at (925) 254-1234 or toll-free at (888) 254-1234 for a free consultation.

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