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Are You Entitled to Compensation for Auto Accident Injuries?

Even the safest drivers cannot prevent all possible car accidents. While these crashes can range in severity, the physical damage and financial losses experienced in many incidents can quickly complicate life. The good news is that California law permits those who have been the victim of a crash to pursue payment from the at-fault party and his or her insurance coverage. This way, they do not have to suffer financial repercussions that they did not cause and can receive proper treatment for any trauma suffered.

At Balamuth Law, our team of Berkeley car accident lawyers understands that even those who are fully protected under the law may find it difficult to receive full and fair payment for their losses. As such, we dedicate our skills and resources to representing victims in the Bay Area so that they can stand up to the tactics of insurance companies and recover in a way that is only possible through full compensation. Call us today to learn more about your rights by dialing (888) 254-1234 or (925) 887-0809.

Combating Insurance Tactics

Insurance companies stay profitable by receiving more in monthly payments from customers than they pay out via insurance claims. Therefore, representatives with the company will work to minimize the amount given out in a claim or completely prevent any compensation being paid. For those who have been injured and now seek payments to cover their car damage, medical bills, lost wage, and more, this can get in the way of recovering properly. Insurance representatives will collect evidence of the scene and witness testimony that will recreate the accident in the light that they wish for it to be seen. Some have even been known to investigate the daily life of victims, following them in real life or online to see if the injuries they have claimed are true.

Victims and their legal representation must be proactive in building their case. Don’t wait for insurance companies to try and deny your claim via various forms of evidence. Rather, begin your case preparation as soon as possible after a crash. Take photos of the scene, contact the police, and get the information of witnesses before they leave in order to represent the events of the accident as completely as possible. Additionally, medical exams and treatment should be sought, both for your recovery and to prove that your injuries are very real.

With the help of a skilled attorney, this evidence can be pieced together to form a well-rounded case that recreates the accident, proves the injury suffered in the midst of it, and supports the amount of money that is being sought. Should one of these areas be weak, insurance providers will attempt to exploit it and lower the amount of compensation that is being sought in order to keep their profits up.

Years of Legal Success

If you or someone close to you has been injured in a crash caused by someone else’s actions, the Berkeley personal injury attorneys with Balamuth Law can help you prove your losses and recover from them. Understanding your losses and pursuing compensation can be difficult and confusing in the wake of a crash. Through a free consultation with our legal team, you can receive the information you need and better understand your potential options. Protecting your rights and your future can never start too soon. Contact our office at (888) 254-1234 or (925) 887-0809, the call is free, the information is priceless.

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