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Of all the accidents that occur on the roads, those that involve semi trucks are often the most devastating. Very little can withstand the power of a tractor trailer, and those involved who are not in the vehicle itself are usually the ones who suffer the most losses.

In the wake of a crash, victims are often left to recover from many losses. Injuries can be severe, vehicles may be totaled, and loved ones may have died. In any case, victims often cannot simply pick themselves up and carry on with the lives they previously led.

Proving fault and finding compensation, whether it is through negotiations with insurance companies or during the course of a trial, is a vital part in recovering from a crash. The legal team at Balamuth Law has helped countless individuals recover from their losses over the years. With the help of one of our Berkeley auto accident lawyers, truck drivers and companies are held responsible and payment for the various financial, physical, and emotional losses are found. Call (888) 254-1234 to learn more about truck accidents and how the law can help you.

Who is Responsible?

Truck accidents can result from numerous causes, but often it boils down to two main reasons: truck driver error or the negligence of the trucking company.

In the case of driver error, multiple mistakes can be made while on the road, just like any other vehicle. Common errors such as speeding, failing to brake on time, driving distracted, or falling asleep at the wheel can lead to a major crash. However, big rig drivers have extra responsibilities. While on the road, they are attempting to make a delivery on time, but must comply with federal standards concerning how long they can be on the job every day and throughout the week. Additionally, failing to control the trailer can lead to extreme accidents, such as a runaway trailer or a jackknife.

Trucking companies are in charge of keeping their vehicles safe and their drivers in compliance with rules. Should they not properly maintain the trucks and inspect them for any potential problems, a major crash could be caused at any moment out on the road with no way for the driver to prevent it. Additionally, some companies have been known to encourage their drivers to break rules concerning time spent on the road in order to make faster deliveries. Unfortunately, this type of behavior can easily lead to dangerous driving and crashes.

How Can You Recover?

Being harmed in a crash can lead to expensive emergency medical care, surgery, hospital stays, and rehabilitation that could last well into the future. Additionally, being injured can cause someone to be unable to work while recovering or to become permanently unable to work due to disabilities. For those that have lost a loved one, the emotional losses as well as the expenses of funerals, burials, and the loss of income that was brought in by the deceased can create a heavy burden on families. Whatever the losses may be, affected parties have the right to prove that the collision was due to the actions of the tractor trailer driver and/or company and seek payment for what they have suffered. With this compensation, victims can recover financially and pay for all needed medical procedures.

Who Can Help You? Berkeley Truck Accident Lawyers at Balamuth Law

Those who have been harmed in a semi truck accident can find guidance and representation from the Berkeley truck accident attorneys with Balamuth Law. For many years, our legal team has been representing victims and getting them the compensation they need to properly recover. The experience and resources gained from these years of representation are applied to every case we take. To learn more about how we can help you, call us today at (925) 887-0809 or (888) 254-1234.

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