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How We Have Helped: Workplace Accident Case Results

Case Name: Lionel Doe v. Trucking Company
Recovery Range: $650,000 - $1,000,000

Summary: Plaintiff, a laborer, suffered herniated cervical discs which required surgery when he opened the back of defendant's truck which had been improperly loaded. As a result of defendant's negligence, plaintiff was nearly crushed by falling pallets of paper products which came tumbling out of the back of the truck when he opened the doors.

Case Name: Nolan Doe v. Building Complex
Recovery Range: $650,000 - $1,000,000

Summary: Plaintiff worked as a security guard for defendant's building. When defendant's security cameras malfunctioned, plaintiff was bludgeoned with a hammer by an intruder.

Case Name: Tobie Doe v. General Contractor; Subcontractor
Recovery Range: $400,000 - $650,000

Summary: Tobie Doe was retrieving equipment and materials from a construction site. Steel joists weighing 200 pounds each were stored at the site. They were supposed to be stored wide side down and bound together with metal straps. Subcontractor left the steel joists unstrapped with the narrow, more unstable, edge down. General Contractor did nothing about the precariously balanced joists. As Tobie retrieved a ladder that was resting on top of the joists, the joists tipped over and crushed her legs. She suffered fractures in her left tibia and fibula and right tibia. Intra-medullary rods were installed in both legs. She also suffered extensive scars on both legs.

Case Name: Terry Doe v. Subcontractor; General Contractor
Recovery Range: $250,000 - $400,000

Summary: Plaintiff worked as a journeyman plumber. As part of his job, he was installing the gas system on a two story house. The house was rough framed and two stories tall. A stairway connected the second floor to the living room area. A person descending from the second floor would take two steps down to a small landing, then turn right and descend approximately ten additional steps to the living room. The defendant subcontractor was to provide all blocking and backing including stair railing, and was to install interior and exterior stairs, including temporary railing. Additionally, the subcontractor was to provide and install rough hardware, including the nails used to install the temporary railing. Plaintiff descended the stairs to the landing carrying a large ladder over his shoulder. He lost his balance and attempted to steady himself against the guardrail, which gave way. He fell eight to ten feet, slamming onto the living room floor and suffering a serious shoulder injury. Plaintiff sued defendants for negligence because the railing had been secured by only a single nail into the wall next to the landing.

Case Name: Mark Doe v. Grocery Store Chain
Recovery Range: $250,000 - $400,000

Summary: Plaintiff was a union painter. As part of his employment, he was assigned to paint a grocery store. He painted the exterior of the store near its loading dock using a 16 foot ladder. A grocery store employee drove a forklift into plaintiff's ladder, causing the ladder to collapse. Plaintiff suffered an intertrochanteric fracture and subtrochanteric fracture of his right femur with displacement.

Case Name: Jack Doe v. Oil Refinery, Inc.
Recovery Range: $250,000 - $400,000

Summary: Plaintiff was a Senior Mechanic with an oil refinery. His duties included maintenance and repair of motors, pumps, piping, filters, and valves and new construction. On the day of the accident, plaintiff was setting up equipment to drill through the cement floor on the second floor of the Blending Department at the refinery. This task included dragging a water hose through existing stationary equipment. As he began to pass through the equipment, his right foot caught in a 1.5 inch steam hose that had been left in a pile in the walkway. The steam hose was supposed to be rolled on a rack. When his foot caught, he fell forward, bashing his hard hat onto a pipe in front of him and falling to the floor. He suffered severe spinal injuries. Plaintiff sued defendant for negligently failing to keep a safe work environment.

Case Name: C. Doe v. Contractor
Recovery Range: $100,000 - $250,000

Summary: While working at a construction site, C. Doe walked into a piece of sharp sheet metal which had been left dangling over a parked pick-up truck's bed. The truck belonged to Contractor. Its employees failed to store the sheet metal properly and failed to attach a red flag to the end of it. C. Doe suffered a cut on his cheek, which was repaired with plastic surgery. The trauma from the cut plunged C. Doe into a state of depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia (fear of crowds).

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