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How We Have Helped: Wrongful Death Case Results

Case Name: Amelita Doe v. Kaiser
Recovery Range: $650,000 - $1,000,000

Summary: Amelita Doe sued Kaiser for the wrongful death of her husband, Oscar. He went to the urgent care department at Kaiser Hospital A on two consecutive days, with symptoms that required he be worked up for pneumonia. Both days, the doctors failed to provide such a work up. When Oscar was finally diagnosed at Kaiser Hospital B's emergency room on the third day, he was already suffering from multi-system organ failure. He was admitted to the hospital, where he continued to receive substandard care, and died twelve days later at the age of 57.

Case Name: Doe Parents v. Driver
Recovery Range: $400,000 - $650,000

Summary: Doe Parents' 19 year old daughter was a passenger in a car driven by Driver. They were on the freeway, traveling the speed limit. A tractor trailer ahead of them was slowing down and in the process of pulling over into the break-down lane due to a malfunctioning landing gear that was dragging on the pavement. Driver did not see the slowing tractor trailer in front of him and crashed into it. Doe Parents' daughter died in the crash and received Driver's insurance policy limits. Plaintiffs are currently pursuing claims against the tractor trailer operator and owner.

Case Name: Doe Family v. Driver
Recovery Range: $400,000 - $650,000

Summary: Driver was on a rural highway in her SUV when she drifted off into the dirt shoulder on her right. She overcorrected and crossed into opposing traffic, hitting Joan Doe's car head-on. Mrs. Doe was pronounced dead at the scene. Her husband of over sixty years and their three adult children brought a wrongful death suit. The settlement included Driver's insurance policy limits plus a significant contribution from Driver's personal assets.

Case Name: Mrs. Doe v. Neighbor
Recovery Range: $250,000 - $400,000

Summary: Mr. Doe (deceased) approached his neighbor and started a heated argument over a parking spot. The argument escalated and the neighbor punched Mr. Doe, who fell and struck his head against the concrete sidewalk. Mr. Doe sustained fatal injuries from the head trauma. After filing a lawsuit, Mrs. Doe recovered the policy limits of the neighbor's homeowner's insurance policy.

Case Name: Doe Family v. Landlord
Recovery Range: $250,000 - $400,000

Summary: Mr. Doe was 77 years old and suffered from mild dementia. He rented an illegally converted in-law unit from Landlord, who lived in a house next to the unit. The unit did not have a smoke detector. Mr. Doe fell asleep with a lit cigarette, resulting in a small smoldering fire. He died from smoke inhalation. Mr. Doe's widow and children claimed that Landlord was responsible because she violated local and state building codes and the Elder Abuse Act.

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