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Metallurgical industrial tasks like welding and brazing are among the most hazardous procedures commonly found in industrial workplaces. The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that welding and brazing professionals are vulnerable to higher than average injury and accident rates than those in other kinds of industrial jobs. In Northern California, Balamuth Law, provides the experienced legal counsel that these professionals turn to when they are the victims of an on-the-job injury from negligence, improper workplace setup or defective equipment.

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The industrial processes of welding and brazing include some specific risk factors. In most kinds of MIG and TIG welding, the high heat and mobile parts of the process can lead to dangerous situations involving flammable materials or heat applied outside of the target area. The same is true for manual torch brazing. In automated brazing, including procedures involving vacuum and batch type furnaces, there is still a potential for injury if equipment-handling directions are not followed or if the appropriate safety precautions are not in place. Welding and brazing professionals wear specific safety gear for protection during these high temperature processes. The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA has also ruled that welding and brazing areas must be properly ventilated to avoid other kinds of injury where a buildup of air pollutants becomes hazardous.

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At Balamuth Law, we are familiar with the above processes and guidelines for these intense kinds of industrial activities. If you or someone in your family has been adversely affected by a welding incident or similar workplace accident in Northern California, talk to us about the specifics of the situation. Our Walnut Creek work accident attorneys will look closely at the factors for a workplace hazard event. For more details, call us at (888) 254-1234 to talk to us about resolving a case including a welding, cutting or brazing injury. Your initial consultation at Balamuth Law, is always free of charge.

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