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What are the Treatments for a Traumatic Brain Injury?

By Kelly Balamuth on November 29, 2012

Bay Area Traumatic Brain Injury VictimA traumatic brain injury occurs when an external mechanical force causes brain dysfunction, such as an object penetrating the skull or a violent blow or jolt to the head. As a traumatic brain injury can severely impact every aspect of a person’s life, including their personal relationships and communication, coping with this type of injury can be exceptionally difficult. However, there are excellent forms of medical treatments available that can help a person recover to the best of his or her abilities.

The following is more information on three treatments for a traumatic brain injury:

  1. Medications: Medication can be given to limit secondary damage to the brain immediately after an injury. The different medicines may include anti-seizure drugs, as those who have had a moderate to severe brain injury are at risk of having a seizure; diuretics, which can help reduce pressure inside the brain; and coma-inducing drugs, as a comatose brain needs less oxygen to function.
  2. Surgery: Emergency surgery may be needed to minimize additional damage to brain tissues. Surgery can address the following problems: removing clotted blood, repairing skull fractures, and opening a window in the skull to relieve pressure inside the skull.
  3. Rehabilitations: A majority of individuals who have had a significant brain injury will require rehabilitation to improve the person’s ability to perform daily activities and help them relearn basic skills, such as talking or walking. Therapy usually begins in the hospital and continues at an inpatient rehabilitation unit, such as a residential treatment facility.

A traumatic brain injury is a life-changing injury, but with the proper medical care and treatment, a person can heal and live his or her best life. The necessary medical care can, however, be costly and create undue financial strain. The brain injury lawyers of Balamuth Law can help you obtain the compensation you need to recover when your brain injury was caused due to the reckless actions of another person.

To see how we can help you as you recover from your injury, call (888) 254-1234.

Northern CA Group Aims to Educate Young Athletes on Dangers of Head Injuries

By Kelly Balamuth on September 24, 2012

Sports-related concussions have been increasingly linked to severe long-term health effects, and the Northern California branch of the California Concussion Coalition seeks to educate student athletes, coaches, and parents about the dangers of this type of head injury. As reported by the Fremont Patch, the new group, supported by former San Francisco 49er player Ben Lynch, recently held its first Bay Area meeting in Oakland and has plans to hold educational events at colleges and a symposium in the fall to help keep young athletes safe.

In hopes of changing the next generation of athletes, a doctor with the Mount Diablo Memory Center in Walnut Creek and a UC Berkeley physician are aiming to change the culture surrounding concussions by planning to make sure area communities receive the most current information and education about this traumatic injury. The UC Berkeley doctor feels that as legislation may be falling short in concussion education, educating people is of chief importance.

She adds that following the passing of Assembly Bill 25 in California in 2011, a bill that requires students to be cleared by a medical professional after sustaining a concussion, that the need for concussion education and awareness is more vital than ever. The Concussion Coalition operates in association with the Sports Legacy Institute, a non-profit group whose goal is to make concussion awareness and education the responsibility of the entire community, as well as parents, athletes, and coaches.

A brain injury can permanently impact the life of any person and may lead to devastating, long-term results. If you have suffered a brain injury as a result of another person’s negligence, the Walnut Creek brain injury lawyers of Balamuth Law have the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain the compensation you need to heal to the best of your ability. Our legal team knows the serious challenges you may encounter on the road to recovery and are here to help you every step of the way. Please call (888) 254-1234 for a free consultation on your case.

Stepson of R & B Star Usher Declared Brain Dead After Atlanta Jet-Ski Accident

By Kelly Balamuth on July 11, 2012

As reported by MTV.com, the 11-year-old stepson of recording superstar Usher Raymond was critically injured in a jet-ski collision in Atlanta and suffered a serious brain injury. Reports indicate that the 11-year-old, the son of Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Foster, and a friend were floating in inner tubes, which were being pulled by a boat, on Lake Lanier in Atlanta when they were struck by a 38-year-old man on a jet-ski. The 11-year-old was unresponsive when he was taken out of the water and was airlifted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston. The friend, a 15-year-old girl, was treated for a cut on the head and a broken arm.

Following this tragic accident, doctors have now pronounced the 11-year-old brain dead as he has not experienced any brain activity since he was admitted to the hospital. According to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources has said that alcohol does not appear to have been a factor in the aquatic collision. The report also notes that the man on the jet-ski and the 11-year-old were part of the same group who were out on the lake excursion.

Raymond and Foster have two children together, ages three and four. The two were married in 2007 but divorced in 2009. The 11-year-old victim in this case is one of two sons Foster had with Atlanta clothier Ryan Glover. Celebrities have already taken to Twitter to express their sympathies in an outpouring of support for both the recording star and Foster.

A traumatic brain injury can have a wide range of physical and psychological effects, and is certainly one of the more serious injuries a person can suffer as it can permanently impact a person’s life. If you have suffered a brain injury in an accident caused by another party, contact a knowledgeable Walnut Creek brain injury attorney at Balamuth Law to see how we can aid you in your recovery and your search for compensation. Please call (888) 254-1234 for a complimentary consultation regarding your situation.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Have Serious Consequences

By Kelly Balamuth on March 27, 2012

Oakland TBI Accident EffectsMarch is Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month. Since traumatic brain injuries like concussions can happen to people of any age and in any kind of accident, it’s important for everyone to be aware of the risks and signs of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries. Prompt treatment is crucial to healing.

It’s especially important to watch for signs of behavior changes or other symptoms in children, as they may not realize that their behavior has changed or that they feel any differently. Symptoms of concussion include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, changes in mood or behavior, excessive sleepiness, memory loss, inability to concentrate, and feeling or acting “dazed” or “foggy,” according to physicians.

The sooner a concussion is diagnosed, the sooner the injured person can be treated and protected from further injury, which increases the chances of a full or near-full recovery. While the most serious traumatic brain injuries can cause death or permanent disability, most people can recover from a mild concussion with few or no long-term effects, as long as they are protected from re-injury during the entire healing period – which can take weeks or even months. Regular visits with a qualified physician are crucial to making the best possible recovery.

At Balamuth Law, our skilled Walnut Creek traumatic brain injury attorneys are dedicated to helping those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and other serious injuries in accidents. For a free, confidential consultation, call our office today at (888) 254-1234 to learn more about how we can help you seek compensation after an accident.

Study Finds Concussion May Cause Long-Term Recurring Headaches in Children

By Kelly Balamuth on December 27, 2011

Northern California Child Head InjuryA recent study published in Pediatrics found that children who suffer concussions or other traumatic brain injuries may have recurring headaches for up to a year after the injury occurs. These headaches can be severe and, for some children, they may be permanent.

The study followed over 400 children who were seen in hospital emergency rooms for a head injury. Three months after their initial hospital visit, over half the children still had recurring headaches, which often caused trouble sleeping and difficulty concentrating. After six months, more than 25 percent of the patients still suffered headaches. Headaches seemed to be more severe and to last longer if the injury was more severe.

Physicians involved in the study noted that, although research is constantly providing new information on the causes and long-term effects of traumatic brain injuries, very little research has been done on effective treatment for concussion-related headaches. Getting enough rest and staying properly hydrated helped some, but not all, patients respond to these measures. Often, children who suffer traumatic brain injuries must simply wait for headaches to subside on their own – even if the pain is severe.

Approximately 500,000 children are treated for traumatic brain injuries each year. Many of these happen while the child is playing sports, but they can happen anywhere.

At Balamuth Harrington, we understand that nothing is more important than your child’s health and safety. That’s why our experienced Northern California brain injury attorneys are dedicated to helping you and your family receive the compensation you need after an accident occurs. For a free and confidential telephone consultation, call us today at (888) 254-1234.

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